"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"

Viareggio, May 11, 2017 – The Consortium, which has always been committed to environmental protection, will participate at the nautical event with two innovative projects: “Sea sweeper” against plastic at sea and “Emooring” to promote sustainable marine and eco-compatible nautical tourism.

Castalia, the Consortium which has been at work to protect the sea from pollution for more than 30 years, will participate at the Versilia Yaching Rendez vous organized by Nautica Italiana and Fiera Milano and it will present two innovative projects designed to safeguard the marine environment and sustainability. The Italian excellence, constantly seeking new solutions and technologies for the environment and the sea, will present the Sea Sweeper project to combat the phenomenon of plastic pollution at sea and the Emooring project to promote sustainable pleasure boating.
“We believe that the future of the Italian nautical industry” declares Salvatore Barone, Chairman of Castalia, “can only be oriented towards sustainability, environmental protection and quality. This is why we are working to extend our field of action towards technological solutions increasingly aimed at protecting the marine environment. Our mission is to make initiatives and projects available for the community, institutions and the world of pleasure boating, validated by experts, technologies and a ten-year know-how.”
The Sea Sweeper project – Stop plastic at sea
Recent studies show that over 80% of the plastic that end up in the sea is transported by rivers and comes from land activities. Every day 731 tons of plastic waste end up in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy is one of the biggest polluters, after Turkey and Spain. Plastic at sea is a  major environmental emergency because it takes too long to decompose, plastic waste causes the deaths of many animal species, it enters the human food chain due to the bioaccumulation of harmful substances produced by its degradation and it also causes damage to marine habitats and ecosystems. Yet, there is a possible solution to address this phenomenon : the Sea Sweeper project, literally a “sea sweeper”, is a system of fixed nylon nets and small seagoing boats  “Sea Hunter”, for the containment and collection of floating and submerged plastic coming from the rivers. The Sea Sweeper floating barrier system does not interfere with the life of the river and does not cause damage to flora and fauna. This special collection net is designed to remain positioned from one bank of the river to the other even for a long period and to remain operational during periods of rain. It is a tool that reduces the input of macroplastics transported from the river to the sea without impairing the river ecosystem.
Emooring, the web portal to book mooring and yachting services
The Emooring project is an innovative mooring system and yachting services, managed through a web portal (www.emooring.it). It is innovative because the environmental and socio-economic sustainability of the areas is the cornerstone for the development of emooring. It envisages the realization of eco sea-friendly buoy fields – in areas lacking adequate structures – and their computerized management, as well as the development of services for quality tourism and consequently the concrete possibility for economic and employment development of the territories. Pleasure craft owners can book their boat moorings in valuable marine areas and local services such as restaurants, excursions, bike rental, technical assistance, etc.