"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Castalia has always dedicated great care to environmental education and training keeping its staff abreast of the latest developments and organising periodical courses for the staff of the public administration and private concerns; it collaborates with environmentalist associations to disseminate the culture of environmental safeguarding, and for courses for the young people of Italy’s Minor Islands.

Castalia Consorzio Stabile S.C.p.A. is accredited by the “Nautical Institue” to deliver IMO Oil spill Preparedness, Response and Co-operation training courses (IMO OPRC Level 1, 2 e 3)

Expo 2015 – Castalia participates in presentation of the “Classe 2.0” project dedicated to environmental education

Expo 2015 saw the debut of ‘Classe Ambiente 2.0’, a great “green” area in the Biodiversity Park of the Environment Ministry pavilion, where technology and play were brought into the service of environmental education for the visitors, whether children or adults. This is a project in a style already tried and tested by COOU, the “Consorzio degli oli usati” (Used… >>

 Ravenna 17 December 2014 – Castalia in support of the prize “SCHOOLS THAT PRODUCE IMMEASURABLE BEAUTY” promoted by Legambiente

On 17 December, at the Conference Hall of the Ravenna Port Authority, the environmentalist Association LEGAMBIENTE launched the prize “Schools that produce immeasurable beauty”, promoted together with Comieco, Symbola and the National Council of architects, with the support of Castalia. The actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta was in attendance as exceptional sponsor of the event. Organised for schools throughout Italy, the… >>

Civitavecchia – November 2014 – Marine Antipollution Training Course

In November 2014 Civitavecchia saw the second round of the training course on the subject of “Surveying and fighting marine pollution from oil and other hazardous substances”. Held in Civitavecchia, it was promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, and organised by Castalia for the benefit of Officers of Harbour Offices working… >>

School visit to the ship “Tito” – Livorno – March 2014

In March 2014 Castalia welcomed on board the vessel TITO, deployed in the Port of Livorno, about 210 primary school children for an educational visit and awareness raising on environmental issues in the “Civil or civic protection?” promoted by the Municipality of Livorno: marine pollution prevention activities were illustrated to the schoolchildren. >>

“Guardian Dolphins” project with Marevivo

CASTALIA was as always side-by-side with the environmentalist Association Marevivo on the occasion of “The Guardian Dolphins”, an innovative project in environmental education devised by Marevivo for young people living on the minor islands and in the small coastal towns, with the aim of training them to play a role as protagonists in safeguarding their territory. A special feature of… >>

Civitavecchia – Marine Antipollution Training Course – April 2013

In April 2013 a training course on “Surveying and fighting marine pollution from oil and other hazardous substances” was held at Civitavecchia. The workshop saw the participation of Officers from the Harbour Offices of all the maritime departments, as well as other civilian personnel indicated by the Environment Ministry. It was organised and implemented in conformity with the provisions of… >>

“May Ships” project – Livorno – May 2011

In May 2011 Castalia took part in the annual project “May Ships”, in the context of the 2011 Action Plan of the Livorno Town Council Europe Direct Centre, implemented in collaboration with the Harbour Office, the CIBM (Inter-University Marine Biology Centre), Arpa, the Nautical Institute “Cappellini”, the Provincial Education Office, the Port Authority, the L.E.M. (Livorno Euro Mediterranea) Foundation, and… >>

MAY 2011 – Syracuse – maritime exhibition and conference

In May 2011 the Consorzio Castalia made available the vessel IEVOLI RED, which was moored at Syracuse, on the occasion of the 22nd Maritime Exhibition, an event promoted by Mareamico and the environment Ministry, in collaboration with CNR, ENEA, ISPRA and the Mediterranean Fish Observatory. With the participation of the Environment Minister, the Right Honourable Stefania Prestigiacomo, the event saw… >>