"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Since 1986, on the basis of an agreement with the Administration (today Environment Ministry) has been providing emergency antipollution services for the safeguarding of Italian seas and coasts, with a fleet consisting of coasting and oceangoing vessels deployed in Italy in major ports and in the vicinity of the most sensitive areas of the sea from the environmental point of view. The oceangoing vessels are endowed with high oil recovery capacity, and equipped with technologically advanced apparatus for the recovery of pollutants, remediation of marine areas, and operations to respond to fires, to tow vessels involved in accidents to safety, and to prevent pollution. The coasting vessels operate within 20 miles from the coast and can work in relatively narrow, shallow areas of sea; they are equipped for remediation of the coasts. Castalia is structured with a National Operating Centre in Roma in connection with the Environment Ministry, and peripheral facilities situated in ports for Maritime Management, as well as eight supply depots holding specialist equipment. Since 2015 it has been performing daily patrols service for the oil rigs in the Adriatic Sea and the Strait of Sicily.



  • 9 Offshore Vessels
  • 27 Coastal Vessels


  • 1 Centre for Coordination with Rome headquarters
  • 15 Peripheral Centres in the major Italian ports
  • 8 supply depots


OIL SPILL DETECTION The oceangoing vessels are equipped with RADAR systems dedicated to OIL SPILL DETECTION, able to detect and follow oil pollution even by night and with poor visibility.


FLEET TRACKING SISTEM All the vessels of the fleet are equipped with satellite systems enabling real-time monitoring of the activities.


MODELLO DI SIMULAZIONE A mathematical model simulating and forecasting shifts of oil slicks on the surface of the sea.

Civitavecchia – Marine Antipollution Training Course – April 2013

In April 2013 a training course on “Surveying and fighting marine pollution from oil and other hazardous substances” was held at Civitavecchia. The workshop saw the participation of Officers from the Harbour Offices of all the maritime departments, as well as other civilian personnel indicated by the Environment Ministry. It was organised and implemented in conformity with the provisions of… >>

1999 – 2008 sighting and rescue of cetaceans and turtles

Some examples of sighting and rescue of turtles carried out in various Italian marine areas on behalf of the Environment Ministry. >>

October 2012 – Messina – “Vulcano 2012” exercise

On 2 October 2012 the Castalia vessel IEVOLI RED, deployed at Messina, took part in the annual exercise promoted by the Italian Navy – Command of Patrol Forces for Coastal Surveillance and Defence. The exercise entitled “Vulcano 2012” was carried out in the seawaters of the area under the jurisdiction of the Maritime Authority of Milazzo >>

 September 2012 – PUNTA DEL CANE (SYRACUSe) – GROUNDING OF MIGRANTS’ boat – Environment Ministry

The vessel SUPERGABBIANO SEI engaged in remediation and oil pollution containment with absorbent booms. >>

AUGUST 2012 – port of IMPERIA – floating solid paraffin wax pollution – Environment Ministry

The vessel COMANDANTE UGO CASA carrying out mechanical recovery of the polluting product with use of the tender. >>

AUGUST 2012 – ALIMINI (LECCE) – oil pollution of unknown origin – Environment Ministry

The vessel ALCE NERO carrying out remediation of the seawater. Containment of oil pollution with absorbent booms and mechanical recovery of lumps of tar. >>

AUGUST 2012 – SAN PAOLO, TAVOLARA/ CAPO CODA CAVALLO – oil pollution of unknown origin – Environment Ministry

The vessel TIRRENO carrying out remediation of the area of seawater and containment with booms and absorbent sheets. >>

JUNE 2012 – CAPO SANT’ANDREA, MARCIANO MARINA (LIVORNO) – Grounding of the motor vessel “MERSA II” – Environment Ministry

The pollution-prevention vessel JERZY deploying booms in a semicircle around the grounded vessel >>

JANUARY/MARCH 2012 – Giglio island – grounding of cruise ship “COSTA CONCORDIA”

On the grounding of the cruise ship “Costa Concordia”, which occurred at 9:42 PM on 13 January 2012, Castalia responded promptly with: 4 vessels – ECOGIGLIO, IEVOLECO, TITO and TIRRENO – the latter equipped with a radar system to detect oil on the surface of the sea (Oil Spill Detection System), even by night, with transmission to the operating centre… >>

NOVEMBER 2011 – SAN DOMENICO canal, CHIOGGIA (Venice) – pollution of unknown origin – Environment Ministry

The tank ship “ECOLAGUNA 4” carrying out recovery of 1200 litres of oil mixtures and one cubic metre of solid debris with absorbent booms and skimmers. >>