"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Pollution of coasts and seabeds can be caused by natural phenomena (watercourses in flood carrying material of all sorts to the mouth: plastic, tree trunks, glass and drums containing toxic and harmful refuse) or deliberate dumping. Castalia detects the presence of pollutants and refuse with special equipment including submarine ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) able to act with extreme precision and speed.

June 2012 – Gorgona Island (Livorno) – loss of drums from Ro/Ro “Eurocargo Venezia” – Atlantica S.p.A. di Navigazione

Detection, mapping and recovery of 147 drums containing toxic material at 500 metres of depth of the Island of Gorgona with systems devised by Castalia. In 2012 Castalia carried out: preliminary geognostic geophysical and environmental surveys (1st phase) in search of on the seabed (at a depth of about 450 m). final geognostic geophysical and environmental surveys (2nd phase) for… >>

July – December 2011 – sea-sweeping service – Lampedusa municipality

The sea-sweeping service is equipped to carry out monitoring to detect solid and liquid refuse with mechanical recovery of the floating or semi-submerged solid refuse (where possible with separation and recycling), packaging, absorption and remediation of oil slicks of limited dimensions and transport of the refuse ashore. Implementation and management of craft for recovery of liquid and solid pollutants from… >>

February 2010 -river Lambro AND Po estuary (North Italy) – oil spill – Civil Protection

Abatement of pollution on the river with craft specially equipped with absorbent and containment booms; use of 50 m³/h skimmers. Recovery of 10,000 m³ between diesel and fuel oil. >>

1999-2008 – River Tiber (Rome) – Floating solid refuse pollution – Environment Ministry/Rome Municipality

Positioning of floating barriers and recovery of floating solid refuse resulting from river overflow. >>