"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Castalia dedicates great attention and devotes considerable resources to research and development in the area of environmental cleanup systems, devising innovative solutions for oil pollution remediation, funding projects dedicated to Protected Marine Areas and areas of great tourist appeal, including e-Mooring for yachting in eco-compatible buoy fields and innovative technologies to monitor offshore rigs.


The aim of the “e-Mooring” project is eco-compatible use of the areas of marine reserves and adjacent areas of the sea thanks to the creation of facilities and services for the management of yachting and tourist flows, with non-invasive, ecological solutions. The project involves: creation of facilities and services serving for eco-compatible use of the Protected Marine Areas with the… >>

Offshore rig monitoring

The research project involves the use of innovative technologies for monitoring and submarine detection, applying a set of parameters for early warning of possible anomalies in the operating activities of the rigs so that timely preventative measures can be implemented to protect the environment. >>

Innovative solutions for oil pollution

Castalia is engaged in: research and development of solutions and innovative technologies able to enhance the efficiency of recovery of oil in the sea, even in unfavourable marine weather conditions (combining the positive characteristics of both the flexible and the rigid barriers); study on the use of carbon-based nanotechnologies for recovery of oil in the sea; study and research to… >>