"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"

The Castalia Balloon is on its way to Genoa to be ready for use in monitoring the oil slicks resulting from leakage in the Iplom pipeline of Busalla. Use of the balloon, already tested but never utilised in Italy, will shortly be decided by the Environment Ministry with the support of the Coastguard.

For 30 years, Castalia has been at work in Italy and abroad in the field of maritime activities and safeguarding the marine environment: antipollution, remediation of waters, seabeds and coasts, recovery of toxic and harmful refuse from the seabed, submarine surveys and environmental monitoring, environmental education and awareness-raising, protection of the marine flora and fauna, and research and development in new technologies and antipollution systems.


The balloon is equipped with four video cameras, including an infrared camera. It can operate at maximum height of about a hundred metres and work even in conditions of strong wind. It is in fact one of the best means to detect oil spills.