"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"

This morning the Environment Undersecretary, Silvia Velo, came to Genoa on the occasion of inauguration of the exhibition on 40 years of RAMOGE Agreement activities – an agreement for cooperation drawn up between Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco in 1976, to protect the waters of the Mediterranean coast through combined activities to limit marine pollution.

An agreement – Velo went on to point out – that comes within the framework of the Barcelona Convention, with implementation in manifold activities, from education and awareness-raising campaigns to the institution of the prize for students presenting new ideas for projects for defence of the coastal marine environment.

Particularly important, too, is the integrated management and sustainable use of the coastal areas – a dynamic process taking into account the fragility of the ecosystems, the coastal landscapes, the uses made of them and their impact on the land and marine components.

Finally, preventing and responding to polluting incidents with an intervention plan, the RAMOGEPol plan, to curb accidental marine pollution in the Mediterranean has, over the years, led to extraordinary action in synergy amongst the three signatory countries, ready to respond to accidents calling for the support of auxiliary means.

On the occasion of the 40 years of the RAMOGE agreement – concluded Undersecretary Velo – the aim of the exhibition inaugurated today is to make known the great combined efforts to prevent and respond to accidents threatening our sea, and to promote the superb heritage of flora and fauna populating the Mediterranean which, thanks to this agreement, will be protected and passed on to future generations.