"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"

To celebrate the first 40 years of the RAMOGE Agreement on preventing and fighting pollution of the marine habitat, RaMoGePol 2016, following in the customary series of biennial exercises, was held at Monte Carlo on 26 and 27 of April. It saw the antipollution forces of the three signatory countries – France, Italy, and the Principality of Monaco – responding to simulated pollution at sea with the mobilisation of aircraft. For Italy, on the basis of an agreement with the Environment Ministry, the vessel IEVOLI SHUTTLE took part, alongside the seagoing patrol vessel CP 288 of the Genoa Harbour Office and the vessel “Ubaldo DICIOTTI CP 941” of the 6th Coastguard Squadron of Messina, both returning from a long mission of over two months at Lampedusa and the Strait of Sicily for the rescue of migrants. The exercise also offered the occasion to undersigned the new RaMoGe Pollution Operating Plan, with which officials from the environment administrations of the three countries involved revised existing Plan in the ongoing updating, enhancing the synergies of the actions programmed in defence of the Ligurian Sea and the Cetacean Sanctuary.