"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Servizi:Research and development

The aim of the “e-Mooring” project is eco-compatible use of the areas of marine reserves and adjacent areas of the sea thanks to the creation of facilities and services for the management of yachting and tourist flows, with non-invasive, ecological solutions.

The project involves:

  • creation of facilities and services serving for eco-compatible use of the Protected Marine Areas with the aim of boosting tourism;
  • economic sustainability of the AMP making them also serve the interests of social-economic development of the area, investment appeal and creation of jobs with qualified professional figures;
  • synergy with the existing ports and landing places, as well as activities connected with diving, fishing, tourism and excursions;
  • promoting the e-mooring project abroad, involving:
  • buoy fields with assistance services: mooring facilities created in accordance with the criteria for environmental protection of the areas of sea and seabed of the Protected Marine Areas;
  • a centralised, computerised surveillance system, connecting with the mooring areas: a network available to all Italian and foreign users for easy access to the services, ensuring eco-compatible, self-paying management of the yachting and tourist flows.
  • eco-compatible nautical centres: with light support facilities ashore for operators and equipment, and a fleet of craft to supply additional services, such as guided submarine excursions, electric water scooters, diving equipment with high-tech instruments, water-toys etc.

Implementation of the project is characterised as “productive activity” which, duly developed and encouraged can significantly contribute to achieving autonomous management and a balanced budget for the Managing Bodies, in accordance with article 14 of Law n. 394/1991.

From the point of view of economic sustainability, the project will make use of the autonomous and economically self-sustainable finance lines.

Study is underway on the possibility of running private or public facilities ashore, no longer in use, such as lighthouses and marine public property structures, for the purposes of tourism on the basis of agreements with the Administrations and/or private concerns involved.