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Servizi:Environmental education and training

Expo 2015 saw the debut of ‘Classe Ambiente 2.0’, a great “green” area in the Biodiversity Park of the Environment Ministry pavilion, where technology and play were brought into the service of environmental education for the visitors, whether children or adults. This is a project in a style already tried and tested by COOU, the “Consorzio degli oli usati” (Used Oil Consortium), together with the Green League project for education and recycling and separation of refuse through online games.

‘Classe Ambiente 2.0’ was promoted by Legambiente in collaboration with Samsung, Castalia, Cobat, Consorzio Obbligatorio degli Oli usati and Greentire in the course of the meeting that saw the participation of the Undersecretary delegated for environmental education, Barbara Degani. At the end of the presentation, the Undersecretary signed an agreement with Samsung for the implementation of joint projects for the dissemination of digital environmental education for sustainable development, involving the use of new technologies in the ministerial environmental education projects in schools throughout Italy.

Most importantly, the first Expo “digital class” was inaugurated. The idea is a didactic classroom equipped with high-tech tools made available by Samsung to follow a course of 2.0 environmental education designed for teachers, students and visitors. Together with the other partners, COOU contributed to the awareness-raising project through an innovative channel focusing on dialogue with the ‘digital natives’. To greet the great variety of classes ranging from elementary to advanced in the Expo digital classroom there will be 28 places provided with tablets, and an E.board, an electronic touchscreen board. At Expo, too, in ‘Environment Class 2.0’ the young people will be able to take part in a competition, playing: the class that comes first will win its school an interactive blackboard and tablets for further enhancement of the new subject introduced in the school syllabus with the aim of ‘active citizenship’.