"If the sea is blue... is also thanks to the yellow fleet"


Servizi:Marine Antipollution Service – Environment Ministry

In May 2011 the Consorzio Castalia made available the vessel IEVOLI RED, which was moored at Syracuse, on the occasion of the 22nd Maritime Exhibition, an event promoted by Mareamico and the environment Ministry, in collaboration with CNR, ENEA, ISPRA and the Mediterranean Fish Observatory.

With the participation of the Environment Minister, the Right Honourable Stefania Prestigiacomo, the event saw the participation of 150 spokespersons representing European and national institutions in the scientific and academic world.

Castalia’s vessel was visited by a group of students from the local schools.

Sighting and rescue of cetaceans and turtles

Some examples of sighting and rescue of turtles in various areas of Italy’s seas on behalf of the Environment Ministry.