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Who we are

According to the Italian regulation of “responsibility 2001 n. 231 (henceforth, “D.Lgs. n. 231 del 2001”), associative bodies – including limited companies – may be held responsible and consequently subject to fines and/or interdictions in relation to certain offences committed or attempted – in Italy or abroad –  in the interests or to the advantage of the companies themselves.

In this connection, in the board meeting of 23 July, the board of directors of Castalia Consorzio Stabile S.C.p.A. resolved to adopt a model of organisation, management and control ex D.Lgs. n. 231 del 2001 (henceforth, “Modello 231”) and create the Vigilance Service represented by:

Reports to the Vigilance Section can be sent to the email address: odv@castalia.it

Downloadable documents (in Italian):